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Solution-Based Web Development Services

Solution-based web development services, in general, refers to the actions involved in producing websites for desktop or internet hosting. The web development phase includes site design, content development, new client original programming, online presence, digital strategy, and network security settings.

Solution-based web development services

Our solution-based web design development service in Toronto focuses on coding or programming that allows a website to function according to the specifications of its owner. It is concerned with the non-design components of website development, such as coding and markup writing.  

Web development includes simple text pages to massive web-based social media networks, custom websites, and e-commerce systems. The following is the web development hierarchy:  

Solution-based web development services

Why Your Business
Needs Responsive

Web Design?

According to several statistics, mobile devices account for around fifty-seven percent of all online traffic, implying that more than 50% of the globe regularly visits the websites from the convenience of their portable devices, whether mobile phones or laptops. 


Visualize a website that does not fit into a tablet or smartphone; doesn’t that sound like a complete waste of time? A pleasant surfing experience aids in converting possible leads into organic traffic since consumers prefer interfaces that are easy to comprehend, browse, and adapt to. Similarly, having a reactive web design that adjusts to various screen sizes becomes even more vital.

Application Programming Interfaces

Using current data and services to build a website is an intelligent approach to saving time and money. Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow you to access data and functionality from other parties. Start with Google if you're new to APIs.

Google provides a variety of APIs, such as analytics. Furthermore, APIs will be available for the most significant social networking and marketplace platforms, giving you access to the app's functionality and user information.

Front-end developers, back-end programmers, and full-stack developers are the three types of web developers. A front-end developer is responsible for the website's aesthetic characteristics, such as layout, navigation bar, etc., and its interactivity and the tying together of all its pieces. Back-end developers manage the website's hosting services, database, and apps, among other less apparent activities that guarantee the website operates successfully. 

Solution-based website development services

UX & UI design

Any responsive web app design ensures a seamless digital user experience across all platforms, resulting in improved user satisfaction and a higher conversion rate. Z.M. Communication’s solution-based web development services in Toronto cater to the unique demands of the target audience through our professional marketing strategy, and UX and UI. professionals produce straightforward navigation and appealing interfaces for your online applications.

HTML Coding

In Toronto, web design and development services provide websites based on HTML (hypertext markup language) for all web pages. Some technologies allow you to create websites without writing HTML, yet HTML takes your web creation to the next level. HTML coding allows you greater content control and knowing HTML can help you detect problems faster. 


HTML defines a website’s basic structure, or foundation, on which everything else is constructed. It is made up of blocks that determine the layout, format, and essential components. Although a website can potentially be coded entirely with HTML, it will be a barebones site with no functionality until it is enhanced with CSS and JavaScript. Even minor style changes, such as changing the color of a button, need a lot of coding when only using HTML.

CSS Coding & JavaScript Coding

CSS is a technique for styling a website’s content with a minimal collection of files shared throughout the site. However, when a change is required, such as changing the color of all the buttons, it can be consistently done.


Cascading style sheets have become more powerful. In past, CSS was only used to establish a website’s color and structure, but nowadays, it can manage animation and some advanced functions. However, responsive design for the website is one of its most crucial aspects.


If HTML is the website’s backbone, JavaScript is its brain. In addition, JavaScript programming language handles the interactivity of many professional website components. It can include animations, games, and other interactive elements and change the appearance of icons and drop-down menus.

Search Engine Optimization

Suppose you’re looking for solution-based website development services for new small businesses or an old business. In that case, you should focus on SEO-based website development because it's pointless to set up a website if no one can discover or see it. As the number of websites rises, it's more necessary than ever to improve your website's exposure and readability for web crawlers, which you can achieve by applying search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO Services

Tools for Website Development

There are many tools for web development; if you want to make your business or brand’s online presence more potent with an excellent user experience, you should consider different web development tools. 


Customization, usability, and security 

  • At least some of the tools you use should be adaptable to either small and big tasks or projects. Moreover, we all like to personalize our devices, whether a Google Chrome theme or an application framework add-on.  
  • Users’ safety, company stability, and your security are an important part of web development.  
  • Each tool in web development eventually accelerates online presence and ease of use with a specific function. So, you should ensure the tools you have control over have a good combination of comprehensive functionality and usability. 

Popular development tools are available in both Chrome and Firefox. You can view what different styles are being applied to every element, learn JavaScript, and get additional information about mistakes with web development tools.

The abilities listed before will get you started coding, but nothing can halt you in your tracks quite like a bug. Debugging may be sped up and frustration reduced by understanding the development tools provided by browsers.

Website Testing and Accessibility

Website testing and accessibility are essential parts of solution-based web development services; many people utilize various technologies and marketing strategies. Automated testing for any website can only go so far in catching accessibility problems because inevitable mistakes will only be noticed by humans who are using your site. Moreover, you’ll need a plan that involves both automatic and manual testing to ensure an utterly accessible site. 


We create responsive websites for you that look good on all more giant screens and across all browsers. Moreover, you don’t have to be concerned about whether your consumers are using a PC, tablet, or smartphone. We make sure that the experience is simplified and excellent regardless of their browser on any device.


For any web project, a secure development environment is required. We build websites on test servers so you can see how they’re progressing and interact with them in real-time. It enables you to see the site’s architecture and make adjustments before it goes live. Until the website is finished, it is hosted on our server. The site is then moved to the live server after it is complete.

We Z.M. Communication offers our clients skilled web application development and web design services. Our solution-based website development services in Toronto provide a wide range of website development, including mobile web development and fully responsive designs to customized e-commerce and network experiences built with the most up-to-date and proven web technologies.